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Why Can’t I Buy Your Book Yet?

  This week someone asked me: “Why can’t I buy your book yet?” My reaction to this question was mixed; on one hand, I’m delighted that I know I’ll have at least one customer (Woo!). On the other hand, I’m gutted that I can’t begin taking orders and shouting from the rooftops about my book […]

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How Children Gain the Confidence to Write

My eldest daughter is in her first year of school this year, and surprised us today with this absolute gem: her very first book, created during the personal work time allocated to her over the last few weeks (students can work on whatever they want during this time). I promise I won’t fill this blog […]

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Free Download: Charlie Weatherburn Colouring Sheets

Here’s something to whet the appetite of you and your children while you’re waiting patiently for Charlie Weatherburn and the Flying Machine to become available for purchase—some free colouring sheets. While I was drawing the frames for the book, my daughter would see me colouring the images on the computer (yes, I used Adobe Photoshop […]

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On Writing, Illustrating and Publishing Children’s Books …

After writing, illustrating and publishing my first children’s book, I suddenly find myself with a whole lot to say on the matter. What better place to pen these thoughts (and evolve them as I grow and learn) than on the companion website for that very book? I therefore give you my latest venture: a blog […]

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